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11 Times I Still Need My Mom


1. When I’m sick – There is something about hearing my mom’s voice when I’m sick that automatically makes me feels better. Now if only she lived in the same state so I could sneak attack a snuggle session and make her scratch my head.

2. When I need to bitch – Whether it’s about work stress, friend drama, or a boy that is mean to me, my mom gets all the gossip. She’s my best friend and the only one that doesn’t tell my secrets!

3. If I got arrested – Ok, so, I haven’t had to use this one yet, but if I was ever arrested I would DEFINITELY call my mom. I sometimes wonder what would happen if I used my one phone call and the person didn’t answer the phone. Mom ALWAYS answers her phone, and she knows all my friends phone numbers so she would find someone to get me out. And, she “knows” people… if you know what I mean…

4. When something good at work happens – I immediately run to my cubical, call my mom, and tell her what’s going on. She always makes me feel really good about things I have going on and she’s the most supportive person in my life.

5. DIY Tips – My mom is really good at giving quick, easy tips to spruce up… just about everything in my life. Especially furniture.

6. Advice – I can disagree with my mother until I’m blue in the face. But, I just need to learn to always take her advice and just stop arguing. She’s ALWAYS right… and she knows everything. Plain and simple.

7. When something breaks – I don’t know why I think my mom, all the way in New York, could fix something that breaks in my house, but I will still call her to complain about it. Mainly because I hope she will pity me and buy me a new one of whatever’s broken.

8. When I need to feel validated about making a large purchase – Hey, some things are just expensive, and since I don’t make millions, I have to make choices. If mom says no, it’s probably not smart. But when mom tells you to go for it, you know it’s worth it.

9. When I need money – Both my parents usually respond, “Call your brother. He saves his money and has more than all of us.”

10. When I need to cook something – No matter how many times she tells me, I will still call my mom every time I cook meatballs for the proper directions. EVERY TIME.

11. When my friends are sick of hearing about it – Thank GOD for moms on the day your friends are bored to tears with your sad stories about your pathetic love triangles or the boss that overworks you. Reserve this day for Sunday mornings when you can lay in bed and catch up on the phone and gather all your thoughts.

By Alex Devlin

Read Alex’s mom’s blog here: On Fire At Fifty

5 thoughts on “11 Times I Still Need My Mom

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  2. Love this! I can relate to everything Alex said and even giggled here and there! Thank God for Mom’s, especially the good ones!!! xoxo

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