Music Review: Louise Aubrie “Late 44”


If there is one type of music us Quarter Lifer’s can relate to its a strong female vocalist offering up anecdotes about relationships and breakups. Louise Aubrey’s new album will drop July 13th and give you that soothing indie motivation to make it through your summer heartbreaks. “Late 44” coats the heart with lullabies that will keep you feeling empowered and ready to conquer the day.

London-born musician, Louise Aubrie splits her time between her hometown and the New York City music scene, establishing a unique take with a feminist twist to rock pop melodies. Her debut album was produced by Rockabilly pioneer, Boz Boorer (musical director for Morrissey) which circles back around on tracks like “Perfect Battle Cry”. While her music reflects the pop punk style of bands like Blondie or The Smiths, you’ll especially dig her if you’re into timeless female vocalists like Ani Defranco, Tori Amos or Fiona Apple.

In tracks like “Masterstroke” her soothing vocals counterbalance a hard rock intro and tells a story of regaining power after letting go. “Perfect Battle Cry” has a great old Western Film feel while “Too Late” has a fun head banging, pound on the steering wheel kind of playfulness to it.

While many of her tracks run the risk of a steady consistency, it makes for an easy listen that helps to tune out the world and tune into your inner punk rock feminist.

Check out Louise Aubrie at https://soundcloud.com/louiseaubrie/sets/late-44

By: Lori Gottlieb

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