100 Ways To Be Happy: #6 Stop “Missing” Out

FOMIOne of the biggest problems with social media today is the commonly heard phrase ‘FOMO’ or Fear of Missing Out. Cruising through facebook or instagram can leave us feeling like we are in a world where everything we want to participate in is happening without us, but that’s simply not the case. That’s why lesson #6 is one I am working on as well…

#6. STOP feeling like you’re missing out.

It wasn’t until a recent conversation I had that I noticed, more times that not someone will come back from the bathroom or late to a party and go, “What did I miss?” We worry so much about what’s happening without us that we forget to realize that our own personal experiences are the things that matter most. And the answer to your question is always going to be “You missed nothing!” Over time I have realized how consumed I am in seeing how other people’s days are beating mine in comparison over instagram. How friends back home are settling down and getting married, and I wonder, am I missing out on this? The answer is no and slowly I am learning that I am having my own experiences that I am sure people are envious of! Every experience we have leaves a lasting effect on our day, or our life. The experience you were supposed to have waiting in like for twenty minutes for the women’s restroom shouldn’t be perceived as “I’m missing out on this party by waiting in this line”, but instead “Well this is my own path and a different moment I am meant to have instead, maybe something magical will happen here”. As silly as it all sounds, the second we start to ditch our FOMO and really embrace our own small unique experiences, the more we will love ourselves and find the happiness we are searching for. It’s not on your friends twitter page, or on your newsfeed on said miscellaneous social media platform, but instead that happiness is right inside of you.

By: Lori Gottlieb

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