Ryan Tusko

RyanTuskoAt twenty-five years young I feel more at home in my own body than I ever have, but that doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. I spent most of my adolescence barreling towards the future and now all I want is to sit and be still in the present. I love to dance and sing though no longer for competition. You will find me in a yoga class, reading a book, or sitting by the sea. I’m a new vegan who loves to cook and learn about nutrition. I write like no one’s reading but in reality I really hope that they are and that it means something to them. I believe that as long as I’m learning I’m growing so I’ve taken up sewing and knitting – P.S. I’ve yet to finish any one of the projects I’ve started, but that’s just the Aries in me. I’ve recently moved from Boston to Vermont to focus more on my health and happiness and to nurture my relationship. I hope to build a successful business of some kind, and to find my life’s true passion along the way. Life is full of ups and downs but whenever I find myself having a pity party I remind myself of one thing hashtagfirstworldproblems – and that usually does the trick.

Exhale Only Love ~ Rumi

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