Michael Wilson

Michael WilsonI grew up in New Jersey.  I spent a good amount of my childhood going to work with my dad when I wasn’t in school.  That was great for learning about business and building a close relationship with him, but not so much for making friends my age.  I always wanted to be a grown-up: slightly precocious and, to be fair, a little weird.

Then, the dawning of actual adulthood came quickly for me–like overnight.  Turning 27 was like changing the lens on life: all of a sudden, I was late 20s, on the eve of my 30s, and still not sure where I was going with any definitiveness in any area of my life.  This was not as I imagined as a young’un dreaming about a life of sweet, sweet work.  Cue quarter-life crisis.

Now, like the rest of us, I rely on a core group of great people in my life to help take me through the good and the bad–without those people in your life, it’s make or break, especially now.  That along with hobbies like running, biking, dancing and driving (I’m like a shark…I have to keep moving or I’ll die) make up what is actually a pretty good life.  Uncertain, but good to be sure.

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