Lauren Probyn

314434_10101900045370694_1774114423_nI was born and raised in a not-so-typical place. The U.S. Virgin Islands. YES, I am an American, but I couldn’t vote until I moved to the states. However, I could drink legally at the age of 18. BOOM.

I moved to LA a year ago from NYC. I still miss the city, but I just got sick of subway rides plastered against strangers, my 10×10 bedroom, WINTER, and having to kick homeless people off my front stoop on the way to work. So I transferred offices, and continued my career in so-typical… wait for it… Entertainment!

In college, I fell in love with Entertainment because I wanted to be the next Erin Andrews… or so I thought. After a few public scandals surrounding Erin’s career (we’re on a first name basis), I decided I wanted to be the next Giuliana Rancic instead. That clearly hasn’t happened yet. So for now- I’ve settled on a career behind the scenes, working for a top ten network developing reality TV shows instead.

On the side- I love doing DIY projects on a budget, so I created a blog- BrokeGirlsDIY. Let’s be real, I didn’t pick the most lucrative industry for my career… but I’ve found easy do-it-yourself ways to keep up with fashion trends and creative ways to decorate my apt that I want to share with all the quarter-life readers who are broke- just like me.

Lauren’s posts here.

2 thoughts on “Lauren Probyn

  1. Lauren if your dad is Colin Probyn would you forward my email to him.
    I am his cousin and would like to hear from him.

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