Jessica Coleman

1Not too long ago, I packed up my life in Boston, moved to New York City, and never looked back. I spend my days playing on the Internet, running marathons, dying in boot camp classes, challenging myself both personally and professionally, and experiencing everything my new city has to offer. I’m fluent in sarcasm, movie quotes, salmon recipes, usually heavily caffeinated, and I’m almost always laughing – often at myself. I like to believe I’m the best aunt ever – that was probably my calling in life. And, if you come face-to-face with me on the soccer field, I apologize in advance for anything that may happen. I love fall, alliterations, speaking in hashtags, Jennifer Lawrence gifs, and I truly believe my mid- to late-twenties are my time to shine. Mostly, I’m just trying to navigate this new, exciting, sometimes scary, but extremely empowering new chapter of my life.

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