Alana Rosu Alana Ruso

You think you know, but you have no idea…this is the true story…of ME! Ugh- who am I kidding?! Even I couldn’t keep a straight face through that one, but I’ve always wanted to introduce myself that way! I’m Alana! And I promise to keep my 13 year old girl fantasies aside for the rest of this section…maybe! My whole life I wanted to get through every thing as quickly as possible- I never understood why people said to “enjoy the ride.” I tend to wonder how I ended up here…in this very moment…just the way I am. One thing is for sure- I’m as resilient as they come so I’m up for the challenge and ready to figure it all out! I plan on putting the pieces together one step at a time; even though I’m tempted to jump ahead, I’m ready to try a different approach to this quarter life crisis (I mean… someone has to call it what it is!) and see where this newfound logic takes me. I like candy more than food and dogs more than people. I’m usually up to date with all the latest and greatest restaurants, hotspots and celebrity happenings. I live for ketchup, clothing, cocktail rings, online shopping and music/TV! I’m a dreamer; I think falling in love is the greatest feeling in the world; I read my horoscope daily (and usually believe it); I have way too many clothes to fit in my closet and I wear a dress at least once a week ❤

Alex Devlin  Alex Devlin

Growing up, I always imagined myself a pop star. Snap to reality, where I’m 25 and singing into a hairbrush. With no pants on. In my West Hollywood apartment. Alone. Thankfully I have the incredible ability to humor myself in every situation. I’ve finally hit the “quarter life crisis” and it’s been interesting trying to understand what is happening to my life and make sense of it. As a result (and the fact that I spend my days in a corner cubicle in a corporate office), I’ve forced myself to spend my free time creating and working on other projects that I am passionate about. My hobbies include trying to find a fun workout class I can look stupid in with a cute instructor, curling up at home in my pjs with a good glass of wine and DEXTER, or swiping my credit card any, and everywhere. Oh, and never wearing pants. I hate pants. I believe in owning who you are and never being afraid of it. Finding people along the way who embrace and support you always helps as well. And most importantly, laugh everyday – one of life’s simplest joys that we often take for granted. Alex, along with Liza, Tina, and Nora, runs QLC.
Alex’s Facebook

Anne Barkley

Anne Barkley

I’m not much for talking about myself, though I did a pretty good job in these interviews. I believe in loyalty and honesty above all and I FIRMLY believe humor can solve any situation, if executed well. Though I hate to accept it, change is necessary for opportunities to present themselves and should be welcomed, not avoided. I hate long walks on the beach because sand is dirty and gets EVERYWHERE. Give me a dirty martini (vodka, not gin) and my friends and you’ve got the happiest girl in the world, unless I drank the night before; I hate the smell of booze when I’m hungover. But I’ll take friends anytime.

Casey O’Keefe Casey O'Keefe

Casey is a true New England gal at heart but now happily calls Los Angeles home. An alumni of Hofstra University, she graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater Arts, Performance. Post college, Casey worked professionally in theater and has toured the country singing and dancing her heart out in over 75 cities. She relocated to LA in September of 2012 to continue pursuing her career in acting. Her favorite things include her big Irish family, friends, singing, being outdoorsy and going on adventures, New England Patriots, Red Sox, Maine beaches, and a stiff margarita.
Casey’s IMDb

Curtis Spiliotis Curtis Spiliotis

Is a stand up comedian originally from Boston, Massachusetts. He moved out to Los Angeles in July of 2012. Curtis performs stand up all over the city of Los Angeles and also performs in an improv called “Renegade Justice Patrol” that performs out of the iO West. He believes a sense of humor is the key to success in both your personal and professional life.

Daniella Cabral Daniella Cabral

I am a lover of life, funny people, the arts, pop culture, hosting events, and of a sexy latin firefighter that I get to call my husband. My most important role is being a mommy to two beautiful little diva’s. Throughout my 20’s I have been learning to balance a career with being a wife, friend, and mother. It has been quite a journey but I am extremely blessed and wouldn’t change a thing!

Gabby Landis Gabby Landis

I grew up in Los Angeles and attended the University of Arizona. I love soccer, football, hockey and basketball and believe that the players can hear me as I yell at the TV. Optimism is something I strive for everyday but find myself more of a realist. I have great friends and an even more amazing family and take each day one step at a time. I love being single and in my 20s – I think it’s a great way to explore who you really are and focus on becoming the best version of yourself.

Jimmy Ruggiero Jimmy Ruggiero

I’m just a Boston guy living in LA pursing a new dream. Financial advisor turned YouTube guy; I realized that my quarter life crisis was about completely changing careers and following a passion I’ve had as far back as I could remember. Currently, I am working on the Web series, MASSHOLES, which I created, write, produce and star in and I recently started a production company, Class Act Productions. I like flirting with girls, drinking beers at the local watering hole, and playing/watching/gambling on sports. Did I mention: ladies, I’m single?
Jimmy’s Facebook

Kurt Finney Kurt Finney

Right out of high school I got a degree in science for Fire Technology, and thought I was going to have a long career as a fire fighter. I quit early on because I knew something was missing. I was cast as Romeo in a local playhouse production of Romeo and Juliet, and from that point I knew what I was meant to do. I never looked back. Currently I am a series regular on the hit Web series, MASSHOLES. Other passions of mine include improv and stand up comedy, writing and directing, dinosaurs, superheroes, and meatballs.

Mark Ramos Mark Ramos

My middle name is David. I was born in New Jersey, grew up in Ohio, received a diploma in Miami and came to LA pursuing a career in commercials. I spend most of my time reading books about The Universe, Macrobiotics and Quantum Physics. In time, you’ll realize they are all connected.
Mark’s Facebook
Mark’s IMDb

Rheeqrheeq Chainey Rhee

Rheeqrheeq is relatively new to Los Angeles. After growing up in Baltimore (yes, it is just like THE WIRE and HAIRSPRAY – at the same time) and attending college in Boston, plus a harrowing wisdom tooth experience, she headed for sunnier climate. She has based most of her life philosophies on movies and theater. This has left her with eloquent life mantras written by some of the best screenwriters in the world, but without many practical skills. She wants to be a happy, well-rounded individual when she grows up – please send her hopeful thoughts. Rheeqrheeq is also distracted by shiny things.

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