Alex Devlin

Alex DevlinGrowing up, I always imagined myself a pop star. Snap to reality, where I’m 27 and singing into a hairbrush. With no pants on. In my West Hollywood apartment. Alone. Thankfully I have the incredible ability to humor myself in every situation. I’ve finally hit the “quarter life crisis” and it’s been interesting trying to understand what is happening to my life and make sense of it. As a result (and the fact that I spend my days in a corner cubicle in a corporate office), I’ve forced myself to spend my free time creating and working on other projects that I am passionate about. My hobbies include trying to enjoy working out, curling up at home in my pjs with a good glass of wine, or swiping my credit card any, and everywhere. Oh, and never wearing pants. I hate pants. I believe in owning who you are and never being afraid of it. Finding people along the way who embrace and support you always helps as well. And most importantly, laugh everyday – one of life’s simplest joys that we often take for granted.

Alex runs QLC.

Read Alex’s posts here.

Alex’s Facebook

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