Alana Rosu

Alana Ruso

You think you know, but you have no idea…this is the true story…of ME! Ugh- who am I kidding?! Even I couldn’t keep a straight face through that one, but I’ve always wanted to introduce myself that way! I’m Alana! And I promise to keep my 13 year old girl fantasies aside for the rest of this section…maybe!

My whole life I wanted to get through every thing as quickly as possible – I never understood why people said to “enjoy the ride.” I tend to wonder how I ended up here…in this very moment…just the way I am. One thing is for sure – I’m as resilient as they come so I’m up for the challenge and ready to figure it all out! I plan on putting the pieces together one step at a time; even though I’m

tempted to jump ahead, I’m ready to try a different approach to this quarter life crisis (I mean… someone has to call it what it is!) and see where this newfound logic takes me.

I like candy more than food and dogs more than people. I’m usually up to date with all the latest and greatest restaurants, hotspots and celebrity happenings. I live for ketchup, clothing, cocktail rings, online shopping and music/TV! I’m a dreamer; I think falling in love is the greatest feeling in the world; I read my horoscope daily (and usually believe it); I have way too many clothes to fit in my closet and I wear a dress at least once a week. ❤

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