10 Things “Friends” Taught Me About Life

I have been having a rough week and the only thing I wanted to do last night was watch “Friends.” I turned it on when I got home and couldn’t stop laughing. “Friends” has always been my go to show for when I need a pick me up. It doesn’t matter how many times I have seen an episode; it still makes me laugh. I watch friends when I need to smile or need some guidance in life.

Watching other people make mistakes in a funny way can be very therapeutic. Friends always provides me with life lessons that I can finally put to good use:

1. Don’t get drunk and marry your friend in Vegas: Vegas is a great place to make mistake but making the mistake of marrying a friend is not something you need to do while you are there. It is messy, time consuming, and will involve a lot of paperwork when you get home. I recommend you live it up in Vegas by drinking a little more than you should, going to a strip club, and being slightly crazier than you usually are. There is no need to get married. Marriage does not stay in Vegas.

2. Condoms are only ninety something percent effective: Coming from a small town I have seen my fair share of mistake pregnancies. My advice to all sexually active girls who are terrified of the responsibilities of a child is to use a lot of forms of birth control. Use condoms, the pill, or abstinence because having a child is no joke. While a child is a miracle it will take up all your time, money, and love.

3. Don’t count in Mississippi’s when getting a spray tan: I have never had a spray tan and that is because of Friends. You may go in for a 4 and come out a 12. If I had only seen this happen on Friends then I may not be so nervous, but I have seen my fair share of real life tanning catastrophes. I like to be au natural; it just works out better.

4. Do not go on a break: A break is a break up so if you do not want to lose your boyfriend don’t suggest a break. Also never suggest a break when you are fighting because chances are they may say they want one. If you are ever going to suggest a break or breakup be prepared for them to want to break up. Don’t be shocked when it happens. If they do want that break up just know it is for the best. Life will go on.

5. Happiness can be found in food: If Joey has taught me anything about life it is that happiness can indeed be found in food. Joey is always eating and always happy. I am not saying that you should give up healthy eating or start binge eating but food can make you happy. Don’t deprive your self if you want a piece of cake have a piece of cake. Who doesn’t love a good piece of cake?

6. It is okay to fail at marriage: Ross failed at marriage a lot. I remember growing up thinking that divorce was basically the end of the world for married people. But thanks to Ross and his ability to bounce back I now know that it is okay to suck at marriage. It is expensive, but don’t worry! You will find love again.

7. Your pet can be your best friend even if it is a monkey: I do not have a pet monkey but I do have dogs and they are indeed my best friends. I used to be embarrassed by how obsessed I was with my dogs but I no longer feel that way. A pet is the one person who will stick by your side no matter what is happening. On a good day or a bad day they are there. While my dogs cannot sit on my shoulder and hang out with me wherever I go my dogs are my favorite things in this world and I am okay with that.

8. Humidity can ruin a good hair day: No matter how much work you put into it a good dose of humidity will ruin a good hair day. If possible stay away from humidity. If you cannot do that just accept it and rock what you got.

9. Friends accept you for who you are: Take Phoebe for example. She is quirky, crazy, and hard to understand at time but her friends accept her. I have learned over life that good friends are very hard to come by. If you find them you need to accept them for everything that they are because in most cases they will return the favor.

10. Follow your heart: If you don’t want to marry Barry the dentist, don’t marry him. If you don’t want to rely on your daddy anymore, work at a coffee shop. And if you want to live your twenties across the hall from your best friends, you should. There is no harm in following your heart even if it makes things a little harder because eventually you will find your way.

By Paige Sullivan


6 thoughts on “10 Things “Friends” Taught Me About Life

  1. FAVORITE TV SHOW! You should also add the thing about beating people in getting an apartment by finding something in common to bond with him about (Ross and ugly naked guy). Love love LOVE this post!

    <3, Charlotte

  2. Great post! I totally agree with all of them especially #7 and #9. What I could never figure out is how Rachel paid for her fancy apartment on a coffee shop salary!

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