100 Ways To Be Happy: #5 Do Favors For Free

helpAs we continue on our journey together to find the perfect place between productivity and absolutely bliss, we make our way to #5 on our list of little things we can do every day to help make us happy.

#5: Do Favors For Free

This is something even I have a hard time doing, and I’ll admit that. Often times we find ourselves offering favors and cataloging them so we can then use that resource later on when we need it. And although that is how favors work, that often dismantles the true intention behind doing a good deed. When a friend asks for a ride to the airport, we say “sure get me back next time”, or when we watch a friends pet we hope next time we’re gone they’ll be around to water our plants. And sure, that is what friends are for (to an extent) but the thing that will take the pressure of off favors and give us that warm fuzzy feeling inside is doing those favors for free.

We often place the expectations we have for ourselves on others and forget that this simply isn’t how the world works. And of course doing a favor for someone should mean they will be there when we need them to return it, but sometimes we might be disappointed or upset when that person doesn’t follow through. So how do we change this?

We change our perspective on definition of the word “favor”.

Trusting that the universe (here we are back at #1!) will return that favor for us in a mysterious way later on should be the only thing we need to rely on when it comes to helping others. Same works for charity and good deeds. Helping others should be a choice we make to set an example, to give love back to the world and to DEMOLISH selfishness, not bring it upon ourselves.

So to practice this, do a favor for a stranger today, for someone you don’t know and can’t ask for a favor in return later on. Give a friend a ride because you love them and you want to. Not to bank on it later. I promise these favors will stop feeling like favors at all once we learn to turn them into gifts we give to those we care about.

“Know you not that a good man does nothing for appearance sake, but for the sake of having done right?”

– Epictetus

By: Lori Gottlieb

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