Choosing Happy


About three weeks ago I found myself in a place I didn’t want to be. I was in a job that made me unhappy. I felt unmotivated to write, enjoy and simply participate in the better things in life. It came to a point where I had to make a decision to actively change my life. So I did something terrifying and I quit my regular 9-5 job to pursue something simple yet completely necessary, happiness. 

Standing up to ourselves and admitting a change has to be made is always the first step. Too many times we live in denial hoping a situation will get better on its own or that over time we will just learn to adjust. We force ourselves to “count our blessings” and feel grateful for something that simply makes us unhappy. Once we admit to ourselves how important it is to close that chapter of fear and dread, we can then begin with something new and beautiful.

Once I made the conscious decision that something had to be done, I came to terms with it. I stuck to it in my mind, never letting myself relapse on the idea of remaining in the situation. Any time I thought “maybe I could do this, just for a little longer” I made sure to ask myself “why?…” What on earth was more important to me than being happy and getting my life back? The answer was absolutely nothing.

The next and final step was putting the plan into action. I worked up the courage to speak to those I needed to, face to face, and told them the reason for my change. And that came with mounds of support. Our biggest fear is looking like a coward, being told we are incompetent, or facing the malicious backlash of our decision. Once you can get past the fear of others judgement and remember that your decision is not an easy one to make but it is NECESSARY, the rest will seem insignificant.

Three weeks later I feel rejuvenated. I am excited about my life again. I wake up every day looking at it like a new adventure. Of course I worry about things like money and what people will think of me not having a steady income. But you know what I do have now? Happiness, a joie de vive, a hunger for creativity and a stimulating yearning to live every day to the fullest. Because money is not the thing I desire most in life, its being happy, doing what I love or at least not doing what I hate. And I know I will never regret it for a second.

By Lori Gottlieb

*Originally posted on Lori’s Website The Bridge and the Gap

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