Music Review: Mark Maze “Uncomfortable Truths”

Guess what everyone? The 90s are back with a vengeance and I think we are ALL okay with that. Mark Maze’s album “Uncomfortable Truths” helps to revive this trend with his late 80’s-90’s sound. This London, Electric Pop artist has that nostalgic vibe that will have you reminiscing about those sleep overs you turned into 2am choreographed dance parties.

Mark Maze’s music is fun, airy and every track is uplifting with that feel better funk. Growing up in Leicester, Maze found many of his friends making the wrong choices which inspired him to turn to music as his outlet to stay out of trouble. Motivated by fashion, music and performance he applied to an ad looking for an “edgy mixed R’n’B vocal group” and the rest was history. He continued to follow those dreams while working as a junior booker at a talent agency (a good example of how to achieve your goals while still making your honest living and simply busting ass!).

Maze describes his sound by saying, “I love the intensity and vocal production of artists such as Prince,P!nk and MJ as well as the 80’s influences of Erasure, Depeche Mode and early Madonna”. One listen of his track “The Devil May Cry” and you would say he stepped right off the stage as backup for Prince. This single off his new EP is by far my favorite and captures the fire and passion we experience in a whirlwind love affair. “2nd Best” is another great track you would find in one of those classic 90’s films that defined our childhood, while “Robot Eyes” uses an electric sound to metaphorically give love that twenty-first century spin. Overall Maze’s album “Uncomfortable Truths” is a catchy mix of tunes that reminds us how it first felt to fall in love, fight with your best friend, or just let loose, belting in front of the mirror with a hairbrush after school.

By Lori Gottlieb 

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