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LA Fitness Studio Review: CROSS TRAIN with Dylan and Dave Schenk


I have been a member of Cross Train (CT) now for almost 3 years and I absolutely love the program. Dylan and Dave Schenk, owners and trainers of CT, may seem friendly and harmless on the surface, but they will totally kick your ass into gear in 50 minutes or less, leaving you a sweaty, red-faced powerhouse by the time you leave.

HandstandCT bases their workouts on the cross-training method – functional movements using different parts of your body every day for maximum results. So you’re getting rounds of high intensity interval training filled with squats, handstands, lunges, burpees, etc. For the first few years, they focused on a M/W/F program of full body bootcamps and a T/TH program devoted to Pilates. Add in one day of yoga on the weekend and you are getting killer workouts 6 days a week.

Recently Dylan and Dave moved CT to a new location (7300 Sunset Ave, LA) and they have completely transformed both their studio and their program to better suit the needs of the customers, as well as liven things up a bit! It’s hard to keep things fresh in the fitness world with new fads and trends changing every day, but CT has figured out how to stay above their competition.

Pic 3With smaller classes (10 people per class), and a new program devoted to full body workouts every day with a different theme each month (think TRX, Gymnastics, Kettlebells), CT is committed to keeping their workouts exciting, challenging, and focused. They don’t even have mirrors in their studio because most people just check themselves out the whole time anyway. Am I right?! No “selfies” allowed in this gym. And certainly don’t think you can show up ready to half-ass your workout. This place is for people that seriously want to get in shape.

If you don’t have time to make it to a class at CT, that’s no problem. Dylan and Dave have taken their studio online, recognizing that while people may live busy lives, most of their clients still want to make working out a priority… Even if it’s just for 20 minutes a day. With new daily workouts, recipes, and health tips, takes fitness to a whole new level. And it’s only $19 a month!

Pic 6When Dylan and Dave aren’t at the studio teaching classes, personal training, or producing videos and recipes for their online studio, they are at home taking care of their two children. Yes, I said two children. They are a young and hungry couple looking to change people’s lives, transform their bodies, and make the world a healthier place for their kids. Did I mention they are both really young and really beautiful? If they can keep their bodies in tip top shape, so can you. And you don’t need hours at the gym and starving yourself to get there! Let them show you how.

*For more information on Cross Train, visit

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