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Bad-Ass Hobbies to Take Up in Your 20s

Rock climbing man showing woman rope knot

Your 20s you should be all about exploring, trying new things, staying healthy, and enjoying life. You have more free time than you will in the years to come, so take advantage—now is the time to be open-minded and fearless with the hobbies you choose. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, an avid outdoorsman, or always looking for competition, there’s a hobby out there that matches your personality and interests, and is just waiting to be discovered.

Rock Climbing

You’ve probably seen those pictures of people hanging off cliffs. Ever considered being one of those adventurers? It’s never too late to try rock climbing. Rock climbing is a great hobby to get into, and it grows and expands as you become a more advanced climber. It’s also a great way to stay strong and limber, and to connect with nature. To begin, visit an indoor rock climbing facility and take a lesson or two. Talk to others about climbing and inquire about climbing clubs in your area. Find out the best places to climb and get information from people who rock climb in their free time.

You can also find certified teaching programs and instructors through the American Mountain Guides Association.

Target Shooting

If you are looking for a competitive hobby, try target shooting. There are target shooting competitions across the nation that allow participants to show off their shooting prowess. Mastered the art of follow-through? If your aiming skills are ready for the next level, try big game hunting. While some may worry about the ethics of hunting, you can do it without damaging ecosystems or unnecessarily killing animals. If you decide hunting is a hobby you want to try, you need to first become licensed and certified in your state. You can do this easily with online hunting courses from HunterCourse. The courses not only keep you legally compliant, but also educate you on necessary hunting safety and ethical shooting. Remember to always follow size and season restrictions that outline which game you can and cannot hunt.

White Water Rafting

White water rafting is an adventurous, wild ride everybody should try at least once. It’s also a social activity, so gather up some friends before you go. It is a great hobby for beginners because you can go with guided groups, where you’ll learn the basic skills and safety precautions of being out on the open water. First Time Rafting is a great resource for information on rafting gear, trips, and maps. It’s a great place to start when planning a week-long rafting trip through the Grand Canyon or beyond.

Be Bold

Remember that your 20s are the time to live it up and experience all that life has to offer. Don’t be afraid to try something new and immerse yourself into adventurous hobbies. There are plenty of hobbies for the adrenaline junkie, outdoor buff, and perpetual competitor. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, gather up some friends, and pick up a new hobby today!

By Katie Selph

*Katie is a freelance writer living in Phoenix. She attended the University of Arizona where she received a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing. She currently does marketing and communications work for The Phoenix Chorale and Mesa Arts Center. She has a passion for writing, arts organizations and nonprofit work.

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