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Starting My Journey with 8 Weeks to Change

1604652_781310795176_4460648243125872018_nA year ago my spin instructor approached me about working on a project with her – specifically an 8-week bootcamp that focused on mental health through hardcore workouts, clean eating, and teamwork. She asked me if I wanted to produce a series of videos documenting, what she called, the “magic” that would happen during the camp. I didn’t know Lacey very well, but the passion in her voice told me I should probably get to know her and do whatever she said, and fast. I was in.

Over the course of 8 weeks, I witnessed 16 women simply kick ass. They transformed into better versions of themselves. Stronger versions of themselves; mentally and physically. No gimmicks. No quick fixes. Just good, old-fashioned hard work, passion, and each other. It was amazing to see them become a team and push one another to keep going. All with Lacey Stone leading the pack.

Lacey has since become a dear, dear friend, and I’ll basically do anything she tells me to do. Which is why I am going to live through 8 WEEKS TO CHANGE, round 2, starting TODAY! Producing the videos has given me so much inspiration to participate this year. I’m… terrified. But, I’m so excited and ready to get this thing started. I’ve been spending the past few weeks reflecting, setting intentions, and mentally (and physically) preparing for what is in store.

Lacey makes all the girls write down concrete goals, which I think is genius. If you write it down, it makes it real and you have the motivation to work on it everyday. I had 7 goals – here are 4 of them:

  1. Stop the negative self-talk.

We all have it, right? What is that shit all about?? Why do we always go to a place of negativity rather than reinforce positive thoughts? Instead of being so hard on myself all the time, why not change a simple statement like, “I’m so mad at myself for not working out today” to “I’m so proud of myself today. Even though I didn’t have time to get to the gym for an hour, I took the stairs everywhere instead of the elevator, fit in a few crunches before my shower, and made healthy, body loving food decisions all day.” I need to learn to pat myself on the back sometimes instead of tearing myself down.

  1. Commit!

I have a fear of commitment… with anything. I hate letting people down, so instead of committing to something, I “loosely” commit… I use the phrase “I’ll TRY” to make it quite a bit. Well, I am COMMITTING to all the things about this camp – most importantly they are 6 workouts a week, meal delivery with the company Freshly (, and NO booze. There is no “I’ll TRY to make those workouts and not drink.” This is purely “I WILL COMMIT” to all of those things. Commitment doesn’t have to be a scary thing. I think it might even help me become a better friend, a better family member, and better at my job.


  1. Get over my fear of failure.

Failure is a part of life and sometimes it takes the biggest fall to rise to the top. I think my fear comes from a feeling that people will judge me if I don’t succeed. But on the other hand, why am I letting others define what MY success is? Maybe that’s another thing I should work on…

  1. Focus on writing.

I’ll have a lot of free time now… no drinking, no going out to dinner, no partying. I’ll have to keep myself busy, so why not write for QLC more, right? I started the web site to write, so I need to get on it!

I’m human. As humans, we have faults. And we are always our harshest critic. But this camp is about learning to become the best and strongest version of myself (emotionally and physically). Most importantly, I want to challenge myself, and see if I can keep my goals and get in the best shape I’ve ever been in! I want to have no limits in life. I have felt recently like I am on auto-pilot, and I want something to really commit to and pay attention to. I don’t want anything to hold me back, ever, in any part of my life. I believe that loving yourself for who you are helps everything else fall into place. Lacey taught me that, and I am so excited to see what I can do with her by my side the entire ride.


Oh and if anyone needs me, I’ll either be at the gym or asleep.


By Alex Devlin

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