Thoughtful Thursdays – Dream


Parents, why does your 7 year old have a cell phone? Why does your 10 year old sit at the kitchen table staring at their iPad? Does no one spend time playing outside anymore, making up games, day dreaming in the grass, or reading fairy tales? I’m so confused. It makes me nervous to think about being a parent when this feels like such an easy trap. Too busy to play with your kids? That’s OK, just shove a screen in their face and let them be completely socially awkward and stare at a video game all day.

I believe that those who don’t dream, don’t do. So parents, even with all of the technology, I really hope you are teaching your kids to be dreamers. Read them make-believe. Let them play dress up. Tell them to believe in Prince Charming.

I still think I’m Cinderella. Where’s my damn shoe?!


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