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8 Tips to Help You Look and Feel Fit & Fabulous

Healthy woman resting after running and exercising


Age is simply a number, right? And while some of the physical and mental effects of aging are beyond your control, how you respond emotionally is in your hands. We say, embrace it. You can remain connected to your inner youth while graciously rockin’ your golden years. Here are eight ways to help keep that youthful inner spark alive.

1. Work out

The objective isn’t to get ripped arms, a six-pack or the legs of a bodybuilder; it’s to feel fit and connected to your body. Working out alleviates stress (which can accelerate the aging process) and helps keep your mind, body and soul in check. Yoga has many health benefits, including increased strength and a heightened sense of harmony between body and spirit.

2. Get a little black dress

You’re never too old for this wardrobe staple. Perfect for a night out on the town with a few gal pals or a romantic dinner with your spouse, a little black dress that flatters your figure is a must. It’s a versatile garment that’s ideal when you can’t settle on what to wear.

3. Spruce up your jewelry

In the past, emptying out the jewelry box each time you headed out may have been the thing to do. But now, simplicity is key when accessorizing. Stick with pieces that are subtle but make a statement. A simple necklace, medium-sized hoops and small bangles are ideal.

4. Have a cup of green tea

Green tea is good for your body and soothing for the soul, so drink up. It improves blood flow, lowers cholesterol and may even help with weight management. Have a cup every day – the ritual of making and drinking it will help slow you down, too.

5. Pamper your skin

Drugstore moisturizers can be just as good as their more expensive department store counterparts. Find one that’s right for you – and make sure it contains sunscreen to help keep wrinkles away.

6. Meditate

Life’s busy, we know. Make time to meditate and quiet your mind. You’ll reduce stress and anxiety and feel more connected to the world around you. At the very least, unwind for a 15 to 20-minute increment during your day.

7. Update your handbag

Stop it with the grandma purse already and add a stylish designer handbag to your collection. Designers have a plethora of beautiful, well-made bags that are in line with today’s fashion trends but classic enough to stand the test of time. Consider investing in a leather purse, as stubborn stains on a fabric bag are an eyesore.

8. Unleash the passion

Yes, we mean between the sheets. Sex boasts its own set of health benefits, including the increased production of antibodies to strengthen your immune system, peaceful nights, reduced levels of stress and a youthful glow. Plus you will get in touch with your fun and wild side each time you engage in the act.

Take these tips, and you are well on your way to feeling like a million bucks in your golden years.

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