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A Valentine’s Day Party for Singletons

cake for valentine`s party

Have you and your friends ever spent Valentine’s Day lamenting the fact that there seems to be more women looking for men than vice versa? Well, you would be right. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2012 there were about 103 million single people that were 18 years of age or older. Of those, more than 53 percent were women and only 46 percent were men. Close, but not exactly an even playing field.

If your prospects for a date are not high for February 14th, why not consider throwing a Valentine’s Day mixer to celebrate your single status? With most restaurants and many bars crowded with lovey-dovey filling with eye-gazing couples, it’s always great for your single friends to have a place to go to for some fun. Of course, you don’t have to limit your guest list to only singles. New couples or friends with benefits will appreciate having an option that lies somewhere between doing absolutely nothing for Valentine’s Day and going out for an oh-so-serious restaurant date.

Your Invitations

Make the wording for your Valentine Mixer invitation a bit cheeky. You might want to call it an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party or headline the top of your invite with playful wording such as, “Love Stinks.” Make it clear to your guests that your party will be a fun mixer celebrating the single life — not a sad gathering of depressed people without dates. Your invites should clearly be fun and playful, in order to invite that attitude.

Paper invites are probably unnecessary. Instead, you could create a Facebook group for your party through which you can invite friends and co-workers. Or you can choose to use the free digital invitation service, Evite.

Decorate with Heart

It’s Valentine’s Day, so of course you should have some pretty red hearts scattered about your place. Depending on your angle, you might just want to go with the standard Valentine’s Day motifs or you could add some editorials to the hearts. For example, you could write, “Happy Corporate-Manufactured Romance Day,” or something to that effect on your hearts.

A nice touch is to purchase some lovely flowers and invite your female guests to take one each. You could even add a card that reads, “Please take one. Remember, you don’t need a man to give you flowers just like you don’t need a man to make you complete.” Of course, it’s important to take precautions to include the men who will be attending your mixer.

A Playlist

Several days ahead of time, spend some time putting together a playlist of fun songs about romance, such as “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar or “Centerfold,” by the J.Geils Band so that you’ll have appropriate background music for your party. However, avoid downer songs — like Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself,” unless you plan on mocking them karaoke-style as group.


A party isn’t a party without some munchies and drinks, so pick some foods that will fit the Valentine’s Day theme. For example, provide red drinks such as a punch bowl of Sangria or offer up red velvet cupcakes to your guests. You can also use cookie cutters to turn regular sandwiches into heart-shaped Valentine’s Day finger foods.

By Brittney Brown

*Brittney left corporate America last year to start her own wedding planning business. She writes about dating, relationships and weddings for a number of blogs.

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