Advice to My Younger Self

Not that I would go back and change a thing, but man, if I knew then what I know now…

Age 1. The next 18 years living at home will have its ups and downs, but don’t take it for granted. One day you will live far away from your family.

Age 4. Jumpers are going to make a huge comeback.


Age 5. Enjoy and embrace nap time. They are hard to come by these days.

Age 6. Halloween will always be a big deal. Think ahead.

Age 7. This is the first time you have experienced loss. This is preparation for the future.

Age 8. Trying to find a boyfriend on the playground is only the beginning. Sorry.


Age 10. Wearing a uniform to school every day is in fact, much easier. The adults are right.

Age 12. I know, gym class SUCKS. Surprisingly, you will love working out one day. Just get a better sports bra.

Age 13. You will be develop one of your strongest and most fascinating relationships with a life-long friend. Don’t worry about how much trouble you get into together. You turn out just fine.


Age 14. The mean girls in high school will also be preparation for the future. You will meet many, many awful women. But you will also meet fantastic ones. So don’t give up.

Age 15. It gets better. And stop drinking diet coke.

Age 16. SAVE YOUR MONEY FROM YOUR SUMMER JOB!!!!! And pay better attention in school.

Age 17. Don’t change a thing. Everything you are doing is great. Even your prom dress color was spot on.


Age 19. SPOILER ALERT. You WILL move to LA. Don’t worry so much. It happens.



Age 21. Honestly, don’t drink so much. It’s not attractive to black out.


Age 22. Be nicer to nice boys.

Age 25. A lot of people come and go. Move on.

Age 26. Breathe.

By Alex Devlin

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