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6 Different Makeup Looks for Different Occasions


From work to happy hour to backyard BBQs and brunches, you are a busy girl! No matter what your social life entails, make a fresh-faced entrance with different makeup looks that suit you and the occasion.

We all know that makeup goes darker for night and lighter for day, but what’s the best look (even if you don’t want to look like you’re wearing makeup) for every occasion? Here are six looks that will keep you going from day to night:


The number one rule of office chic is to look put together. Use a little rosy blush to give your cheeks a glow, and go for a neutral eye. Stay away from glitz, glam and glitter, and lay light on the eyeliner if you even use it. You even can show off your smarts with a pair of glasses. They instantly make you look professional, which is a big plus for busy mornings.

Night Out

Going out is your ticket to go a little over the top and try some new looks. First, the cat eye is one of the most popular sultry looks around. This look is perfect if you don’t like wearing a lot of makeup because it only requires some good eyeliner, a touch of eye shadow and a finishing layer of mascara, says Cosmopolitan. However, not to be missed is the smokey eye. All you need is to apply your favorite eye shadow color with the darkest shade starting at the lashes and lightening up towards the brow bone. But if you’re not about going dark, take a little step on the wild side and go with a shimmery, luminescent eye shadow and pack on a few extra coats of mascara. Caution! If you’re going to hit the dance floor, make sure to use a setting powder over your foundation so you can dance all night long without your makeup melting.


Casual brunches are all the rage, but can be really hard to get ready for. Think minimal makeup with lighter eyes, sun-kissed cheeks and a pop of pink gloss. Finish off the look with a flowy scarf or layer on some delicate necklaces to add some depth to your look.


This is probably the toughest one of all. If you’re a beach babe, chances are you want to splash around in the water and look good for pictures. Avoid anything sticky or creamy and go for natural colors that complement your skin tone such as pink, gold or bronze, says Cosmo. Start with sunscreen, then layer on a light BB cream or foundation with SPF and finish with a touch of powder. And remember to touch up during the day.


Whenever you go out for one second in a baggy tee, no makeup and beyond messy bun, you’re sure to see someone. Pull yourself together in just a few minutes with a little powder and gloss. The small effort will go a long way. Also, if you’re hair is a mess, put it up and accessorize with a sporty headband. This pulls the look together without over accessorizing.


For a first date, it’s no question that you have to look good. Emphasize you’re best features by adding a little glow to your cheekbones and light up your eyes with a shimmery shadow. To be on the safe side, look put together but don’t go over the top. That means lay off the dark makeup, and instead go for a light, fresh look.

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