Music Review: Jelani Lateef


It’s not everyday you come across a rap artist whose music reads like a candid memoir of their life. Jelani Lateef isn’t afraid to be that artist and damn, is it inspiring. This laidback, honest, and hard hitting performer stems from Chicago, Illinois and reincarnates classic rap and hip-hop. You’ll find yourself nodding along to Jelani if you share an appreciation for Nas, Mack 10, or dare I say it, Tupac himself.

Lateef started his career as a battle rapper, which is showcased in his effortless lyrical flow. After fighting his way into the music industry, Lateef became a father shortly before losing the mother of his child to cancer. Lateef turned these challenges in his life into his motivation to keep pushing forward and to become the successful musician he hopes to be. Blatantly vocalizing these struggles in his lyrics is what drew me into this artist. You want to be in this guy’s corner and watch him come out on top.

One thing Lateef can promise is a compiliation of well-produced tracks that open with a unique intonation easing you into his quick-tongued message. Every track has a chorus that makes you want to rap along. Songs like “Forward Advance” use the classic rap vehicle to deliver Lateef’s light hearted outlook on the things he’s been through. You get the sense that you really know Lateef after listening to his music and that he wants to motivate us all to stand back up when shit knocks you down.


Check out Jelani Lateef here: https://soundcloud.com/manhood-ent


By: Lori Gottlieb

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