100 Ways to be Happy- #2: Accept Compliments


prettygossip-complimentDay 2 of experimenting with the things that make us happy. So lets recap last week’s lesson real quick: “Trusting The Universe”:


I often have a hard time giving up control of a situation and like to plan things far in advance. I like knowing what will come next in the moment, day, week or year. When I feel I don’t have a good sensibility of what is going to happen I worry that it will be something bad or undesirable since I did not push myself down a particular course. Over the last few weeks I have let that go as much as possible and guess what, I’m still alive! This trust will be something I actively continue to practice along with the 99 other things that we will add to this list over time.


SO, with that being said Day 2 is a piece of advice that came from a yogi friend of mine, and has stuck with me ever since I first took her class.




Often times we are given compliments and write them off because we feel we are unworthy or undeserved of them. Make that an active change today. When someone tells you that they like your new dress, don’t reply with, “Oh this, I’ve had it forever its a piece of crap”. Instead EMBRACE the compliment, take it for what it is worth and ACCEPT the gift the other party has given you. When we reject a compliment we are also rejecting the person who is giving it to us. In a way its an insult!


So allow someone to compliment you today, accept it with gratitude and appreciation for the intention behind it. Give a genuine compliment back to a stranger, a friend, a loved one or even yourself. Live your life like Mark Twain who once said:


“I can live for two months on a good compliment.”


By: Lori Gottlieb

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