Reiki: A Massage for the Soul


reiki_blessings_by_fake_x-1Invented by 19th century Buddhist, Mikao Usui, the term Reiki derives from two Japanese words, Rei being the higher intelligence that guides us and Ki the non-physical energy that animates all living creatures. After doing my research on the healing powers of Reiki, I finally took the plunge and had a couple of sessions. Now I feel it is my duty to spread the good word on this holistic treatment for anyone seeking a remedy to their physical, mental, or emotional imbalance. For those of you who are skeptics, trust in the knowledge that energy healing is a practice dating back thousands of years and is just as applicable in today’s modern society!


I’ve heard the name but what is Reiki?


 Reiki is a form of natural healing to balance, shift or replenish energy throughout the body. Similar to a massage, Reiki requires you to lie (fully clothed) on a table while the healer uses the light placing of hands on or over areas of the body, specifically the different chakras to channel that energy.


Okay so how does it work?


 Our thoughts and emotions are connected to the world through energy. When those thoughts and emotions are negative, that negativity creates an actual blockage on our cells and organs. Reiki works by clearing out the negative blockage of energy within our bodies and gives them a positive recharge. It raises the vibrations in and around the physical body to relieve us of negative thoughts or feelings. Reiki disables our fight or flight mechanism and enables a relaxation mechanism, which allows our bodies to heal (just as sleep heals a head cold, etc.).


How can Reiki help me personally?


Reiki can be used for all types of healing. I personally have gotten Reiki to become more in tuned with my creativity and to balance and understand myself. Reiki can also be used for stress reduction, anxiety, trauma, pre or post surgery, improving immunity, reducing side effects of medication, and the list goes on.


What should I expect to experience?


 Although I am fairly new to Reiki, I had a similar experience both times during my session. It is easy to fall into a meditative state during Reiki, which allows for a really transcendental experience. During the session, I experienced very vivid memories I had until then forgotten about, mostly of my childhood. I also experienced very lucid daydreams or visions, all things that led to a feeling of infinite peace and tranquility within my own body and mind. Many of these visions struck a chord with me emotionally and would give me overwhelming feelings of happiness or relief that came close to tears. After the session, I felt patient and effortlessly joyful. Conquering my day was inspiring and I found challenges to be rewarding and enjoyable rather than frustrating or exhausting. I was actively being the person I aspire to be.


Do I have to believe it in to receive it?


 No! This is something I struggled with at first when pitching the idea to friends and family. The beautiful thing about Reiki is it can be done on you without you even knowing (in a non-violating way). Many Reiki practitioners offer remote healing for people unable to travel or be with the practitioner. Reiki can also be done on animals to prolong their well-being and relieve pain. Give it a shot, or learn how to do it on yourself!


If you are in the Los Angeles area or beyond and are interested in receiving or learning more about Reiki check out: http://www.reikiforcreativeminds.com/




By: Lori Gottlieb

For more posts by Lori visit www.thebridgeandthegap.com

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