Music Review: The Slang “Feels Like Work”



There is something about The Slang that makes me want to rock out like I am back in the early 2000’s, and that’s badass. This alternative punk rock group from Columbus, Ohio is reviving the style of music that took over the charts when I was back in high school. Just like a good pair of overalls, The Slang is making punk rock as fashionable as it once was when Yellowcard, Taking Back Sunday and Jimmy Eat World were the epitome of cool.

Set to release their debut EP in the fall, The Slang found inspiration in writing “about common topics from their uncommon perspective”. The Slang were in the good hands of mixer Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons) and Brian Lucey ( The Black Keys and The Arctic Monkeys) to produce an album I am stoked to hear more of.

Their first single off their EP is titled “Feels Like Work” and transports you back to a time in your life where mellow drama was a staple and rocking out to a broken heart was chic. John Bobo’s vocals offer the emotional commitment that this style of music demands. Laying it bare on their first single, The Slang is only an album away before headlining Warped Tour. They are worth keeping an eye on!

Check out The Slang’s new single here: https://soundcloud.com/theslangrock/feels-like-work


By: Lori Gottlieb


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