Music Review: Tomás Doncker Band ‘Moanin’ At Midnight’: The Howlin’ Wolf Project

a2816162433_2Well Goddman, if you are ever craving some sexy blues then the Tomás Doncker Band has you perfectly covered! This psychedelic soul group from Brooklyn, NY has headlined the Shanghai Folk Festival and World Expo as well as NYC SummerStage, and I can promise that’s just the beginning for them. Their new album ‘Moanin’ At Midnight: The Howlin’ Wolf Project” is a tribute to the bands greatest (and obvious) influence, Howlin’ Wolf. Adding their own modern twist to blues rock, it’s seriously a challenge to not get off your ass and dance. Truthfully anyone into blues or jazz will appreciate the Tomás Doncker Band, but if you like Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, Jimmi Hendrix, The Black Keys or Alabama Shakes then it’s a guarantee.

Tomás Doncker’s new approach as a singer, songwriter, and producer is exploring a larger musical vision, which he titles “Global Soul”. Using classic jazz blues as a foundation for his music he was inspired to incorporate other influences like East and West African and Caribbean sound. This musical experimentation has worked well for the Tomás Doncker Band landing them exposure on CNN, and their dedication to their roots will keep them on that trajectory.

If there’s one thing I love in my music it’s soul and a good saxaphone, and these guys have all that and more. Song’s like ‘Evil’ and ‘Spoonful’ are both edgy and sexy and maybe even a little taboo, but that’s what makes good music, right? Doncker’s deep raspy vocals are as classic and smooth as whiskey. They have a timelessness about them that will forever keep them relevant. Sound flows effortlessly out of this band and after listening to the album just once you can tell how well they vibe and jam together. The only thing that could make these guys better is seeing them live in concert.

Check out Tomás Doncker Band at  http://tomasdonckerband.bandcamp.com/album/moanin-at-midnight-the-howlin-wolf-project

By: Lori Gottlieb

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