Music Review: Keith Alan Mitchell “This Clumsy World”

‘Tis the season to sit on your porch with a beer, and Keith Alan Mitchell’s new album is the perfect company for it. This indie folk artist out of San Francisco creates the perfect cocktail of modern bluegrass, classic rock and roll, and a hint of lime. Sip in “This Clumsy World” if you’re a fan of Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Jimmy Buffet or even The Lumineers or Beta Radio.

Inspired by lyricists like David Gray and Paul Westerberg, Mitchell hopes to pay homage to his icons with “sincere voice, thoughtful lyrics, and a rock ‘n’ roll groove”.  After fronting bands in both his native state of Ohio and in California, Mitchell decided it was time to pursue his first solo album. With a little help from some other up and coming musicians in the Bay Area (Jonathan Kirchner, Kathy Kennedy, and Michael Zisman to name a few) Mitchell brings a soulful approach to the theme of his album; “finding a way to break free”.

The first track on the album titled “Been Buried” reminded me of the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” classic by Deep Blue Something. I love the ease and tranquility of Mitchell’s delivery. It makes for an effortless and honest relation to the theme he is trying to explore. If you’re a fan of The Black Keys checkout “The Feud”, my favorite song on the album. On this track Mitchell experiments with a tougher sound, which I would love to see more in his future albums. Grab a beer and take this album camping, you won’t be sorry.

Check out Keith Alan Mitchell’s album on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/keithalanmitchell/sets/this-clumsy-world

By Lori Gottlieb

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