Music Review: Heylel “Nebulae”


If you’re an advocate for women front lining the rock and roll scene then Heylel’s new album “Nebulae” will not disenchant. Classically trained Ana Batista brings an angelic balance to Heylel’s Pink Floyd-esque intonation. I would prescribe these guys to anyone into Evanescene, The Gathering or Paramore.

This Portugese band came to fruition in 2012 marketing themselves as “as an alternative prog rock band with a gothic twist.” Attempting to break the restraints known as musical genre, Heylel approaches their creative process by disconnecting their message from the expected complimentary melody. This sparks a very unique blend that’s both dark and macabre yet classically bewitching.

The amount of contrast on this album is unparalleled to a lot of newer bands I’ve listened to and offer a little something for everyone. From the eerie stillness of “Embrace the Darkness” to the soft and soothing ballot “I Talk To The Wind”, this album is an emotional rollercoaster of unexpected surprises.

Check out Heylel’s new album “Nebulae” for free on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/heylelband/sets/nebulae

By Lori Gottlieb

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