Music Review: Andrea Remondini “Non Sequitur”


If you are looking for the perfect album to both enlighten and inspire you, Andrea Remondini’s “Non-Sequitur” will not disappoint. This Italian, classically inspired, musician uses the whimsicality of synth instrumental to whisk you away to another world. Perfect for meditation or curling up with a good book, Remondini’s music will put you in a trance that will subconsciously provoke you to move mountains.

At age 12, Remondini learned how to play the piano and experimented with the technology of his time to pioneer synthetic music. He later became a songwriter and sound engineer for a successful indie dance label collaborating with many Italian and European DJ’s. Eventually, Remondini decided to return to his roots and create his own unique blend of what he calls “progressive instrumental synth pop.” I would recommend this album to anyone into the sounds of Andrew Bird or Sufjan Stevens.

Remondini reflects his experience in the electro dance world in “Non-Sequitur,” but also brings in very classical and cultural intonation to make it a unique amalgamation of sound. His work would be greatly justified as a score to a film. Close your eyes and listen to this album. It can take you through an Arabian Desert, a Hair-raising Carnival, or anywhere your imagination will allow. It’s certainly an exercise in creative thought.

Check out a clip from the album here: https://andrearemondini.bandcamp.com/track/non-sequitur-extract

By Lori Gottlieb

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