Music Review: The Lost Poets “Insubordia”

The Lost Poets, while clad in anonymity much like the persona of Daft Punk, offer a unique blend of sound that I would compare to the perfect cocktail of David Bowie meets Mudvayne. This duo straight out of Stockholm, Sweden are venturing outside their borders and bringing a new approach to hard rock. David Rosengren brings a fluid less aggressive vocal sound to what you anticipate, at first listen, to be a heavy metal band. I would recommend these guys to anyone into Queens of the Stone Age, Gary Newman or Sevendust.

Their debut album, Insubordia was definitely something I had to listen to a few times to get into. Their single, ‘Ode to K’ is certainly the most polished and best track on the album. But what captured me the most about this band was the video that accompanied it. Their music is better showcased with a visual aid and made for a really unique and complete piece of art when justified with their (beautifully eerie) silent film-esque video. Inspired by David Rosengrens take on his “own life in a twisted sort of way”, ‘Ode to K’ eloquently captures that dark headspace we all tend to go to from time to time .

Besides ‘Ode to K’, ‘Lying Down’ is another track that I could warm up to with the help of another great video to demonstrate its emotional value. Some of the songs had a crescendo that I wish was resolved with a little more fire and passion, even if that meant hardening their sound. Overall, The Lost Poets are certainly in their own genre and are I would be intrigued to hear their second album with the hope that they will explore some deeper themes.

Check out their video and album on their Web site: http://thelostpoets.se/index.html

By Lori Gottlieb

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