Music Review: Matt Townsend and the Wonder of The World – Self-Titled Album


Indie folk rock artist Matt Townsend joins forces with an ensemble of talented musicians to create a playful and whimsical new album awesomely self-titled “Matt Townsend and the Wonder of the World.” This Burlington, VT band captures the essence and pace of the northeastern, free-spirited city with both their musical deliverance and their cover art (which is badass by the way).

This is an album I would recommend to anyone into a slower folk genre similar to Bob Dylan, Dr. Dog, Bright Eyes or Blitzen Trapper. Their inspiration is apparent in their lyrics touching on deeper themes like “What’s behind the forces of the universe?” and the ambiguity of loneliness and beauty in every day life. It’s a really poetic testament to the more embedded problems we experience as twenty-somethings.

After listening to the album a few times I found myself singing along with catchy tracks like “Carry On” but as you get further into the album you find that the songs become more enriched with different textures like violin and harmonica. Any of these songs could easily be on a soundtrack to a bittersweet indie film. “The Garden” (probably my favorite song on the album) even has an Ed Sheeran quality to it. Although some verses on the album risk being slightly monotone, the chorus seemed to keep drawing me back in. The female vocals (performed by Rachel Keyser) are an underused but great compliment to Townsend’s ironically pitchy, yet entrancing sound.

The new self-titled album is streaming in full at: https://soundcloud.com/matttownsendmusic/sets/matt-townsend-and-the-wonder-of-the-world

Check out more on Matt Townsend and the Wonder of the World: http://www.MattTownsendMusic.com/

By Lori Gottlieb

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