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A 5-Point Prescription to Cure Broken Confidence


Confidence is more than just, by definition, positive self-assurance. It’s your foundation as an individual produced by a loving and accepted understanding of who you are. Confidence breeds freedom — freedom from false beliefs, fear and self-doubt. No matter what, confidence creates powerful energies that attract people and make you feel invincible.

A confident person isn’t afraid of or defeated by failure or rejection. It’s practically a superpower for being exactly who you are and living a fulfilling life as that person. Self-criticism and negative interpretations can threaten confidence, but a resilient inner foundation and mental consciousness ultimately conquer those weaknesses.

What’s To Lose?

First, ask yourself, why aren’t you a confident person? What do you have to lose by feeling capable, beautiful, smart and successful? Life is simply too short to struggle with insecurity and play the role of the victim. You are your biggest influence — not the job you didn’t get, the body you don’t have, the guy who never texted back or the fears buried deep down inside.

A healthy relationship with yourself can overcome any negative disruption. Sure, insecurity isn’t inevitable, but it’s fleeting. A confident person knows when to let go of obsessive second-guessing and choose to strongly believe in simple self-affirming convictions. Confidence doesn’t have to be complex. What’s the worst that could by happen by actually allowing yourself to think logically and beyond self-induced limitations? Remember, at the end of the day, you’re the only one left alone to deal with your insecurities and it’s too easy to let insecurity win.

Confidence Intervention

Adopt the best impression of yourself with a confidence intervention. The following five tips serve as a prescription for curing insecurity and building a confident core within you.

  • Comfort Zone: Familiarity can become a safe zone where there’s zero growth. Imagine the potential waiting for you beyond your comfort zone. For a woman crippled by a poor body image, the safe zone can feel like a prison. But a woman can discover and liberate her unique beauty by breaking these comfort barriers. Embrace your feminine sexuality with intimate and exotic lingerie, for example. Daring to step outside any comfort zone can ironically make you more comfortable in your own skin. Keep in mind, confidence is the first thing men notice when they have sex with a woman for the first time, according to
  • Evils of Jealousy: Jealousy is a consequence of perceived deep separation between us and our friends, co-workers, neighbors or family members. Accepting jealousy creates not only low self-esteem, but suffering. Look at jealousy as an opportunity, advises Can you change jealousy into healthy inspiration or motivation? Treat jealousy as a trigger to be mindfully compassionate and practice gratitude. Also, if you overestimate others, you’re making an assumption as an outsider. We’re all just humans with our own subjective daily struggles in the pursuit of happiness.
  • The Comparison Hole: A cheap way to develop self-confidence is to use others as a metric. Judging or degrading another person to build yourself up is a toxic tactic. Real confidence needs to be built based on authenticity. Dig yourself out of the comparison hole and focus on your self, your own needs and your own ambitions. Conversely, comparisons can also make a person feel not good enough. Learning to appreciate your strengths and accomplishments can combat feelings of inferiority.
  • Confidence in a Passion: Confidence can emerge from an empowering or inspiring hobby or passion that you enjoy. The popular fitness craze CrossFit is an effective way to strengthen the body and mind. Through both commitment and admission of inadequacies, confidence grows and flourishes. In CrossFit, you can still have doubts and make mistakes as imperfect people, says, while also learning to hold your head up high and stand tall.
  • Controlled Thinking: Confidence takes mental training. We’re emotional beings, not robots, who naturally question our capabilities and self-worth. But a confident person remains grounded and ideas don’t fluctuate. Don’t let your mind over think a negative thought and wander for too long. Make a decision on a healthy conclusion, while separating emotion from logic and move forward without looking back.

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