Casting Notice: Calling Recent Graduates!


Quarter-Lifers! We have some friends out here in California at a production company that asked us to help them find some college graduates for a show they are casting. If the below applies to you, here’s your chance to share your story!


From the producers who brought you “Pawn Stars,” and “American Restoration” …

Now Casting: Recent College Graduates Who Are Well-Educated and Underemployed

Did you recently graduate from a prestigious university?

Are you struggling to find a job in your field

Are you currently working a job that you are COMPLETELY overqualified for?

Do you feel stuck in a dead end job that doesn’t even require the degree you have?

Do you have friends in the same boat?

If you recently graduated from a top-tier university and are working a job that’s SO beneath you, we want to hear from YOU! Please send a quick description of yourself, current job, education, and a recent pic to

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