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An Interview with a Matchmaker: Three Day Rule

There are so many different dating sites and apps out there now, and it’s hard to figure out which one is best for you if you are thinking about online dating. And that’s not the only thing you have to worry about! From your picture, to your bio, to inserting your hobbies, there is definitely a lot of room for error. I set out to find the answers to questions that we all really want to know and tips to spruce up that online profile from the perfect source, a matchmaker at Three Day Rule, Vanessa Ringel.

Three Day Rule is a selective, online dating website that introduces members to exceptional, relationship-oriented singles that have been personally vetted by a team of matchmakers. Rather than sifting through thousands of incompatible profiles, members are provided with customized matches that are tailored to their preferences. Three Day Rule also offers one-on-one matchmaking for those looking for a more personalized experience and throws exclusive singles events so members can meet offline.

Q1. What is the best advice when creating an online profile?

Answer – Vanessa told me there are three main things to remember: The first piece of advice is to be honest by trying to display the best side of your through your pictures, bio, hobbies, etc. Put down things that actually show who you REALLY are! The second tip is to be positive. That means no negative rants and no expectations. Keep it upbeat. The third tip is to not go into TOO much detail about what you are looking for, because then you might miss out on some really great matches. You have to be open-minded, because things can definitely change at any time.

Q2. What is the number one mistake people make when creating their profile?

Answer – People don’t think about their audience, they only are focused on themselves and tend to over-think the profile. More people need to think of the profile as a marketing tool and imagine how other people will read it. It needs to be a vehicle to briefly explain yourself but also what you are looking for. Keep it all encompassing.

Q3. Does your profile picture really say 1,000 words?

Answer – YES! Your picture is very crucial, especially if you are a woman, because men tend to be more visual, whereas women will look past the photo. Men will most likely look at a picture and know immediately if he wants to rule her out, as they are much more specific with their “types.”

Your first picture should be a natural, close face shot where you look like yourself and are not overdone. Definitely include a full body shot, but it shouldn’t be the first shot that people see.

Q4. What are the chances of being matched in a relationship that will last long-term?

Answer – 80% of clients go on a second date with their match (please note, this is Three Day Rule specific).

Q5. Is your age really important?

Answer – Most people do have an age range they like to look at, but you should be open and flexible – you might miss a catch! Age shouldn’t matter too much, but it’s different for everyone. That’s why personal matchmaking is best, as there is no algorithm that will keep you from meeting someone that, in reality, could be perfect for you!

So, here’s a lot to think about, but these tips will be sure to help you find that special someone if you’re up for the hunt. Give it a try!

By Alex Devlin

*Learn more at: and for upcoming events in LA:

Vanessa Ringel BIO:

Originally from LA, Vanessa has lived all over the world from Guadalajara, to Boston, Tanzania, Geneva, Gstaad, and London. She is now back in LA with a global knowledge of dating and understanding of people’s core needs, across cultural boundaries. She believes in matchmaking since childhood because her parents fairytale marriage was set up by a successful matchmaker within her family! The gene runs deep in her blood. Vanessa is utterly social and enjoys building connections everywhere she goes, which is why she has created powerful networks of exceptional people who she has matched worldwide. Vanessa was the go-to dating expert in every office she has worked at, setting up friends and family as her hobby. She realized dating was the central theme wherever she was, and enjoyed helping her co-workers date more successfully. Vanessa discovered that she can turn her passion into her carrier and is very excited to be part of the TDR team. 

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