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4 Ways to Give Your Guy a Big Dose of Class

Even if you and your guy enjoy an uptown address, his manners and demeanor may hover well below the Bowery. Some of his behaviors may even sink as low as the gutter. Such a predicament doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dump him in said gutter, but you may want to help him spruce up his act before you take him out in public again.

Kick off with the clothes.

Converse high-tops and board shorts may work for a Sunday in the park, but neither particularly pair well with a snazzy dinner jacket. You don’t have to outfit your dude like James Bond, but you don’t want him dressing like Richard Simmons, either.

The trick to getting a man to willingly change his clothing type and style is to let him feel like he’s still in charge of deciding what to wear. You can offer hints, suggestions and plenty of compliments when he does don something incredibly classy, and you can also turn him onto free style apps like Cool Guy.

C.R.Y.S.T.A.L. via flickr

C.R.Y.S.T.A.L. via flickr

Available for Android and Apple devices, Cool Guy lets your guy review content from fashion mags and blogs, review his own closet to compile cool looks and even create a wish list of clothes you both adore.

Hone in on the hair.

Even if your dude did dress and act like James Bond, the whole persona can be killed in an instant if the top of his head is sporting a mullet. Bad hairstyles are rarely forgotten or forgiven, and they make nearly as poor an impression as missing teeth.

south9boarder via flickr

south9boarder via flickr

Help your guy refine his hair with an app like Men’s Hairstyles. This Apple app goes for 99 cents and lets your guy virtually try on more than 240 hairstyles, beards and mustaches while you coo from the sidelines about how handsome your favorite ones make him look. A free men’s hairstyle app for Android lets guys browse through and save dozens of styles, although he can’t virtually try them on.

Enhance his etiquette.

Hopefully your guy refrains from chewing with his mouth open or belching in public, but even if he doesn’t you still have a couple more apps that can come to the rescue. Top label Dolce & Gabbana released a free etiquette app for Apple, Rules for the Modern Gentleman, which gives your guy an overview on everything from basic grooming to high-class style.

TAMU-commerce via flickr

TAMU-commerce via flickr

Android-based guys can revamp their manners with options like The Etiquette App. This 99-cent tool gives a rundown on proper behavior at work, on dates, while dining and even when submersed in various cultures. Just in time for your trip to France, oui?

Give him real-life practice.

All those helpful apps may be grand, but there comes a time when your guy needs to put all he learned into action. And what better place to do that than at Broadway shows or musicals in New York City? If he argues the theater is simply not his thing, compromise and choose uproariously funny “Book of Mormon” for his first show. Bet he’ll quickly change his tune about Broadway events, accompanying you on future dates and acting the true gentleman every step of the way.

Andrew-Hyde via flickr

Andrew-Hyde via flickr

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