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Fashion Friday: Layering Tricks You Probably Haven’t Tried

Spring is finally here, and we’re so excited about it! But before the weather gets really warm, we have a few transitional weeks when the mornings and evenings are still chilly, and the afternoons are quite hot. You know what that means: spring layering time! What makes spring layering fun is that it’s lighter than winter layering, but it still allows you to have fun with your clothes. Plus, layering can make your old boring wardrobe feel like new again! Here are a couple of fun looks you probably haven’t tried before, to inspire you this season:


1. Juicy Couture shades; 2. Dolce&Gabbana earrings; 3. Mango turtleneck; 4. The Whitepepper pinafore; 5. Mango biker jacket; 6. Pinko clutch; 7. Monki socks; 8. Rupert Sanderson heels

For a cool and fashionable look, try something different that your everyday style. Pinafores and turtlenecks are very trendy right now, so layer a plain, white turtleneck under a midi, pastel pinafore dress. To keep it from becoming too House in the Prairie, throw on an edgy biker jacket. Another trend for this spring is botanic print, so use it on your accessories: earrings, clutch, even socks. Make sure those fun socks show through a pair of peep toe heels, and don’t forget some hot sunglasses to complete the look.


1. Ray Ban sunglasses; 2. Pieces necklace; 3. Stella McCartney shirt dress; 4. A.P.C. shirt; 5. Topshop bomber jacket; 6. Melie Bianco clutch; 7. Modcloth tights; 8. Shellys London booties

Here’s another funky look only layering pros can pull off! Start with your favorite shirt dress and a pair of ivory, opaque tights as a base. Layer the dress with a clashing, plaid print button down, which you can leave open, or button loosely at the waist. You can even belt it if you like! On top, a bomber jacket will add a nice contrast, and will keep you on trend at the same time. Pick an oversized metallic clutch and a long, layered necklace in the same shade as accessories. Simple, square sunglasses will do the trick, as will nude, cutout ankle boots.

By Daria

*Daria is a fashion blogger and vintage eyewear enthusiast. She writes for Celebrity Sunglasses Watcher, following the most interesting trends in celebrity eyewear.

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