Passport Blues


I got my first passport this afternoon. I know pathetic for a 24 year old but I have never had a need for one before. I almost feel like this has been a right of passage. I didn’t realize the opportunities I was missing out on not having a passport.

Now that I have a passport I want to start traveling and I spent my whole afternoon daydreaming of where I wanted to go.  I want to sip wine and eat as much bread as possible in Italy and I want to lay by the beach in Cancun. I want to eat Brie in France and explore the jungle. I want to do a lot of things but what I realized was that I have no money to do it! Womp Womp. The joys of student loans hits again.

While it was a bummer for about 10 minutes I have decided to make a plan to start traveling and making my dreams a reality.  I have three steps that I think will help me save the money to explore the world.

  1. Budget: This seems like an easy enough thing to do but I mean really budget. I want to account for every penny that I spend and make sure there are no impulse buys like that round of Fireball I bought everyone last week.  Making sure that I know where all of my money goes will make it easier to save.
  2. Pay off Debt: This is one of those situations where I am going to have to spend a little to get a little. I plan to pay a little extra each month on all of my bills until I get to the point where I am either ahead of my bills or at least in a place where I am not living pay check to paycheck. By doing this I will hopefully lower some of my payments making it easier to save for my trips.
  3. Plan: I am going to start planning my trips. I want to think about dates and details of where I am going. Doing this will make the trip something that is going to happen not just something I want to happen. I feel that if I put in the effort I will actually do take the trip and not put it off.

I don’t know if these are foolproof steps and I’m sure they are not but this is my first step towards using my passport. Everyone says to travel in your twenties but no one tells you where to get the money! I’m hoping that I can really work hard and have it pay off in some stamps in my brand new passport book!

By Paige Sullivan

3 thoughts on “Passport Blues

  1. I’m 32 and I don’t have a passport! I hope to get one this year…and the little one too! Have you looked into travel writing? I know there are a few programs here in the US that you can apply to and get free lodging etc if you write about it. There is one in Colorado this summer! Vail I think. I would LOVE to do that!

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