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The Healthy Living April Challenge: Week Two

I don’t want to brag– (…yes, I do) but I’m kinda kicking the #AprilChallenge ass. Yes, I had a cheat day this weekend, and no, I still haven’t gone to yoga, but otherwise, I stuck to my meal plan for last week (check it out here) and I’m still doing my best to stick to the rules (check ’em out here) every day.

Besides the eating portion of the Challenge this week, listen to at least one guided meditation (there are tons on YouTube for everything from 4 minutes to over an hour), be it to get relaxed or get motivated. Also, treat yourself to something nice. Doesn’t have to be expensive.

So without further ado, let’s keep going on the meal plan for Week Two. Same as last week — since I’m cooking for one, I’ll be repeating meals. If you’re cooking for a family, or *need* to mix it up, you may want to check out some additional recipes to sub in for repeats. If you want to save even more money; pick two recipes you like and eat ‘em for varying meals all week. The grocery list at the bottom of this week’s meal plan is if you make every one of the meals suggested.

For more daily tips in between weekly posts, follow QLC on Twitter – I’ll be posting multiple times a day, all month, with the hashtag #AprilChallenge!

Day one:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Again, every day you should also be drinking as much water as possible! That means a glass with every meal if you can. If you’re like me, and hate the taste of water (…I know), add a tiny splash of lemon.


By Liza Nedelman


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