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The April Challenge: A Month of Clean Eating and Wellness

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Perhaps it was some point in between my dinner made up of 6 chocolate cookies last week and catching the (very informative, very horrifying) new documentary FED UP* that I decided I needed to change up the routine in a big way. After a month of prep, research, and, ok… more desserts-as-meals in anticipation, I’ve made a set of ground rules and a meal plan to change around my lifestyle and get back to basics.

The big picture rules are simple and tailored from many a website:

  1. No processed foods – only clean eating. AKA: nothing from a box, packaged, pre-made, etc. If you want a yummy chicken dinner, you make it from scratch!
  2. Very minimal sugar (under 25 grams a day), gluten, and dairy.
  3. Stairs over elevators/escalators when possible.
  4. One creative activity a week …. at least! AKA: collaging, taking a dance class, going to the theater.
  5. No calorie counting-  only eating well, moderate portions, and clean foods.
  6. Yoga and meditation once a week- ideally twice or more!
  7. No alcohol.
  8. No coffee. OKAY, this may just mean choosing tea over coffee…
  9. Eat breakfast!
  10. Less screens. AKA: When arriving home from work, no more than another hour of laptop/iPhone time
  11. No cell phones during meals. Keep it in a bag or another room.
  12. One walk a day – Vitamin D!

Easy enough, right? Join me in my quest and stay tuned for my Week 1 Meal Plan on Monday, March 31.

By Liza Nedelman



*I am paid by my day job to promote FED UP, but that does not change the my opinion of the film nor am I being compensated for my monthly challenge. I won’t really be diving much into the film this month in my posts, but its truly worth checking out when it opens in theaters in May!

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