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DIY: Infinity Scarf

Scarves are a great accessory for any outfit. I personally wear them 4/5 days a week from the start of Fall through the end of Spring. I love them because you can use them to dress up an outfit, cover up in cooler temps or add a little color.

The infinity scarf has become really popular this year. There’s no question that it makes fashion and accessorizing so easy. I know we’ll be seeing a lot of infinity scarves in the spring so I decided to make a one  Broke Girl DIY style. 

I found an old grey T-shirt that was perfect for this project. Looking back I wish I used a shirt with a logo or a color. But for the sake of a first time project, I wanted to use  something I knew I wouldn’t wear again..          


I started by cutting off a rectangle of fabric, right below the armpits.


Next step, I cut the fabric into strips, about an inch thick.


I cut until the entire bottom half of the shirt is in strips.

shirt 3

After I’m done cutting, I pull on the loops of fabric so that the ends curl in and they become thinner.

shirt 4

Gather the loops of fabric together and tie together using a strip of fabric from the rest of the T-shirt.

shirt 4

The plain grey infinity scarf didn’t do much for me. So I added a long necklace – chain & pearls combo and looped it in with the scarf.


Voila! These can retail anywhere from $25 to as much as $100 and I made mine for $4.99! DIY is the way to go!

By Lauren Probyn

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