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Be The Girl Every Guy Wants to Date

Cred: Adam & Eve

Cred: Adam & Eve

As we progress through our 20s, it’s important to reevaluate how we handle different aspects of our lives. This is particularly significant in dating. In the post-college dating game, things that you previously overlooked or didn’t really care about become important—and this affects our dating habits. While it may seem easy to revamp the way you explore sex and relationships, certain habits are difficult to change or end. And, for many of us, change can be hard and sometimes intimidating.

While you may have scored big in the dating scene a few years ago, you should reexamine your dating routine and habits as you grow. This will help you learn what you want and don’t want in a relationship. From your deal breakers to what you consider dating red flags, you must alter the way you approach relationships in order to get the outcome (and relationship) that you want.

So how can you switch up your dating techniques? Here is a quick and dirty guide to updating your approach to finding a lasting relationship. 

There’s nothing wrong with amending your list of dating needs every year or so, especially if you’re on an active hunt for a relationship. However, it’s important that you maintain certain deal breakers when you’re dating. While it’s good to change some of the items on your dating list, you shouldn’t compromise certain values that you have. Things that are a major part of your lifestyle like your religious principles or stance on political issues shouldn’t change just because you met someone with opposing views. At the same time, you can’t expect the person you’re dating to alter those things either.

In addition, preconceived dating red flags will change as you develop and move further into adulthood. For instance, superficial “problems” like his lack of fashion sense or his musical taste may no longer be as significant to you as they were in the past. That being said, more important red flags like his marital status should be mainstays. Although you may feel like your options are getting narrower and narrower as you age, this will only be an indication of your maturation and a sign that you are ready for something deeper. It sounds corny, but with time and patience you’re sure to find the person you’re meant to be with to have a relationship that works for you.

As modern women, we aren’t afraid to be sexually adventurous. While there’s nothing wrong with being sexually open, you may want to tone down your behavior if you’re seeking a commitment or something more serious. You should maintain an active sex life, because it is healthy and important to sustaining your happiness and sanity. However, sleeping around and jumping into different beds with strangers can be harmful if you want to have a real relationship that’s long lasting.

Instead of delving into sex with multiple people, you should get in tune with your sexuality using other methods. Start by exploring self-pleasure with products that can boost your sexual enjoyment. From vibrators like the Rabbit to toys meant to stimulate clitoral satisfaction, these items are made specifically to help you discover yourself and may even open your world up to new and unique kinds of sex. Many of these devices can also be used solo or with someone else, making this a great purchase for you and any potential partner you may have down the line.

By Adam & Eve 

One thought on “Be The Girl Every Guy Wants to Date

  1. let’s play the gender swap game…
    “be the guy every girl wants to date”, and “Instead of delving into sex with multiple people, you should get in tune with your sexuality using other methods. Start by exploring self-pleasure with products that can boost your sexual enjoyment.”

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