Letting Go and Going with the Flow

I’m a planner. As in I already knew I would move to California after college and mind you this was before I had even left for college in New York four years prior! I know the kind of house I want, the car I will drive, the kind of kids I hope to raise and the the kind of money I will earn…intense, I know!What I am beginning to discover however is that it’s okay to let the plan change. I let myself get stressed out about all the things I want in life, but I sometimes forget to pace myself, one day at a time…it will all come. I didn’t plan on quitting my job a few years ago, but that scary decision lead me to some fabulous opportunities. I didn’t plan on forming some of the relationships I’ve been in, but they have lead me to discover more of who I really am.
Sometimes we do our best to set ourselves up for success but I think there is a time when you say, I’ve done my very best, the rest will fall into place. I try to control my life, to predict every move, to question every action. Am I making the right decision? Is this the right this or the right that? I’ve had to learn to quiet my mind and listen within. I can get so consumed with wanting, wanting, wanting everything right now. Success takes time, relationships don’t foster into meaningful love affairs overnight…the point is, I’m learning that it’s okay to not have it all. It doesn’t mean I can’t and won’t someday…just not everything today. Why isn’t having a sweet apartment, a great new job and fabulous friends enough? Why do I say to myself, well if I was in a relationship, I bet I would be happier? Or if I was 10 pounds skinnier, I would feel better about myself? Why am I my harshest critic? Why do I beat myself up about things and forget to realize all the beauty I have created in my life..yet oversee, because I’m focusing on all the things I don’t have?
I believe there is a master plan and sometimes I think we get so caught up in life, that we just forget to enjoy the ride! Love who you are and what you have manifested for yourself. Be confident and sincere and appreciate everything you are doing right in your life. I’m kind of vowing to let go of the reins…not fully, but more in a “I’m not going to control every aspect of my life” kind of letting go. Putting some faith and trust in knowing who I am and the kind of things I bring to the table will be enough. Who I am is enough, I am good enough…you are good enough.
By Adrienne Campf

One thought on “Letting Go and Going with the Flow

  1. I love this! I so feel you. I recently saw a quote that said, “Be nice to yourself- It’s hard to be happy when someone is mean to you all the time.” … We tend to be too hard on ourselves, so it’s okay to loosen up and let things just come to us! 🙂

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