Music Review: Adam Reczek’s “The Lost & Found” Ep.


On Adam Reczek’s fourth album titled “The Lost & Found” Ep., we take a trip to the past to uncover some of the artists most raw and honest material which has been uncorked to complete this project. The Lost & Found EP is a time capsule for Rezcek as he digs up a collection of pieces he wrote between the ages of 15 to 18. “These songs never found their place on past albums… I felt compelled to give them a home”. It is undeniable that this album is Reczek’s proclamation of love for his roots to music.

Reczek’s album easies us in with a sweet and whimsical instrumental intro that makes you crave a drive on the open road. Its seductive charm continues with an appropriately titled “Open Window” which seduces you with the unexpected harmony of Reczek’s unique vocal sound. Salt and peppered with the gifts of mandolin, banjo and harmonica riffs, his educated folk sound offers a consistent and peaceful journey through a daydream.

His timeless sound and lyrics can equivocate to the likes of Andrew Bird or Belle & Sebastian with a hint of traditionalism. Reczek is currently independently recording his new album titled “In The Night, For The Morning” with the hopes of releasing it on Vinyl.

Check out The Lost & Found EP on:


Help support Adam’s upcoming album “In The Night, For The Morning” on:


By Lori Gottlieb

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