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Drought Mania! 10 Easy Ways to Conserve Water ASAP


Well, the rumors are true…the state of California is in the worst drought of what, in some areas, is the last 500 years. Rural communities in the state are at risk of losing their water supply within the next 120 days. But even if you’re not a citizen of The Golden State, the lack of H2O could affect the cost of food prices, gasoline and other Californian exports nationwide.

Although the drought is just starting to receive national news coverage, California is currently experiencing month THIRTEEN of these effects (with no end in sight)!  Conserving water has become an absolute necessity and there are so many quick and easy ways to do so. Use these ten easy tips to make a BIG difference and to do your part to help maintain the water supply until our Rain Dance kicks in.


Start by rinsing produce in a bowl of water rather than running fruits and veggies under the faucet. It’s the same with defrosting meats and other frozen goods. It’s best to leave them in the fridge to allow them to thaw rather than running them under warm water for a period of time. Also use left over water from boiling pasta and other foods to water plants.


Did your mother ever teach you the expression, if its yellow let it mellow? Allow yourself a few tinkles before flushing the toilet. An average flush uses 5 gallons of water- INSANE! Also avoid using the toilet as a trash can to conserve flushes.


If you are lucky enough to have a dishwasher in your place, then you are lucky enough to only have to do half the work!! Avoid pre-rinsing dishes and let technology do the work for you. This will save more water than you think. But wait until the washer is full. Same with loads of laundry. Try to avoid doing loads that are only at half capacity.


Although this might seem like the most obvious of conservation techniques, it never hurts to be reminded. Keep your showers to under five minutes daily and don’t let the water run forever before hopping in. You can save up to 1,000 gallons of water EACH MONTH just by doing this. We would be saying “What Drought?” if we could all be this conscious of our shower usage. Other techniques include switching to a low-flow or eco-friendly shower head. OR shower together! OR not at all! Those work too.


For easy tasks like shaving, try using a bowl of water to rinse of the razor instead of letting it flow under the faucet. Simple and easy!


Try to stay away from using the garbage disposal. Many don’t know that this requires water from your sink to dilute the contents so instead try composting and using that as soil. Or just toss it in the trash, silly!


If you have a leaky faucet or a running toilet, give the heads up to your landlord or maintenance guy. These things are constantly using water that aren’t being used for anything.


Use linens like towels and sheets a few more rounds then you usually would. This keeps you from having to do more loads of laundry and nobody likes doing laundry anyways.


Instead of running the faucet to wait for a cold glass of agua, fill a pitcher and keep it in the fridge so you always have it. This will save on the amount of excess water going out the faucet and down your drain.


Let your car go a little longer than usual without a bath. Luxuries like car washes will be the first to go once the state starts enforcing drought laws. In the meantime if you just went off-roading, look for quick washes or eco-friendly washes that recycle their water.

By Lori Gottlieb

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