Tis’ The Season… For Engagements

cred; proprofs.com

cred; proprofs.com

Tis the season for engagements galore on Facebook. For the entire month of December and even some of January I am constantly bombarded by that little news feed update on Facebook over and over again. So and so is engaged to so and so. Look at my new ring. I said yes! He asked and I answered. Can’t wait to be Mrs. So and So.

Again and again and again I have seen this appear on my Facebook page and while I myself did not get engaged this year I am very happy for those who did. We have come to the point in our life where we are making big decisions, real decisions. These people who are getting married have made the tough decision of whom they want to spend their life and money with. That seems insane to me as I still feel like I just graduated high school but it is happening.

The Facebook statuses will continue to roll in for the rest of the month I’m sure but the thing that I cant stand is the people who bad mouth the newly engaged. When someone shares exciting news in his or her life it can be very easy to become jealous and angry. How come your boyfriend of 3 years hasn’t popped the question? How can they be so dumb to think a marriage can work? Don’t they know the statistics of those who get married in their twenties? Blah, blah, blah, it is none of your business.

My advice to all of those people who are mad about all of the engagements and feel the need to post it on Facebook, twitter, IG, or wherever is please DON’T. It is not your business and not your life and therefore you have no right to say anything to them about their new engagement.

It seems as though people think that because someone posts something on Facebook we all have the right to comment on their life and share our opinions. That is not the case. If you would not walk up to them in public and tell them you think they are dumb for getting married then please refrain from doing so on social media.  Nothing irks me more than those who cannot keep their negativity to themselves.

My advice is similar to that of an elementary school teacher. If you have nothing nice to say then please do not post anything on Facebook at all. It hurts peoples feelings and one day when you are the lucky bride or groom to be you will not want negativity surrounding your happy time.

If you happen to cross another post about engagement my suggestion is that you hide it from your timeline, congratulate them and move on, or say nothing at all. Social media is a better place when we all treat each other with kindness.

By Paige Sullivan

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