Happy New Year from Quarter Life Conversations!

Photo credit: nwfdailynews.com

Happy 2014 from all of us here at QLC! Here are some of the resolutions our team, Influencers, and contributors are vowing to make for the upcoming year. How about you?

* * *

“Every year I say my resolution is going to be something like, drink more water or read more books. This year I’m going to focus on just being a more positive person. I’m going to try my best not to let the little things get to me! I’m also going to spend LESS money because, yeah, that needs to happen.” – Alex Devlin

“Ohh, where to begin. This year is (finally) going to be the year I start keeping more ‘adult’ habits, like making those doctor appts I’ve put off since 2010. I’m gonna be more productive (like, maybe using that yoga membership from 2 New Years’ ago) and I’m going to continue to try to practice my essential motto: ‘necessity is relative.’ Well, at least I’m gonna TRY.” – Liza Nedelman

“My New Years resolution is to stop second guessing myself and to let go of my creative insecurities. Let’s make it ALL happen in 2014.” – Karen Grill

“My new years resolution is to love more, judge little and sleep even less!” – Lori Gottlieb

“I love celebrating the new year. I think it provides an amazing amount of empowerment for people (albeit completely fabricated because you can choose to change your life in every moment). There’s something about the collective consciousness that shifts on Jan 1st when everyone, even if just for a few days, has the same intention that relates to being happier, healthier and more fulfilled. My biggest professional intention for the new year is to start a guided meditation subscription series (made up of my meditations) so that more people can easily access the gift of meditation. My daily routine includes meditation and working out and it’s important to me that those two things remain a priority in my everyday. I also want to find an organization that I can volunteer with to practice some karma yoga (yoga of action)!” – Megan Monahan”As my resolution, I will not longer say ‘I’m tired,’ because guess what – everyone’s tired!” – Dylan Davies”I’ve always hated New Year Resolutions because I like to believe every day is a day to being fresh and new. But after realizing that 2013 was one of my best years, I’ve decided to actually make a resolution or two for 2014. My goal for the upcoming year is to be more mindful. I want to practice yoga on a more regular basis and cultivate a daily discipline of writing. By being more mindful, I hope to be more aware of what I’m doing in the present moment, and how the decisions I make will effect my future.” – Kaycee Snowden

“My New Years resolution is to make more time for friends, fun,and traveling. All work and no play will make for a boring 2014!” – Jillian Leff

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