QLC’s 2013 Highlights: 15 Skinny Girl Secrets

[Editor’s Note: From December 23 – January 1, Team QLC will be taking a much-needed vacation! During this time, enjoy our top posts from this past year.]

Ever wonder how those skinny girls stay skinny? It’s pretty simple! Just follow these rules:

  1. Put yourself first
    Getting to bed on time, waking up early for a workout, and not staying late at the office are all ways to give yourself proper “me” time.
  2. Weigh yourself frequently
    Don’t be afraid of that scale! It’s an extremely useful tool for keeping track of your weight. If you go up a few pounds, you’ll know it immediately and be able to make adjustments like skipping dessert that night or running an extra mile.
  3. Don’t skip breakfast
    Girls who skip breakfast typically make up those calories later in the day. If you’re not hungry right when you wake up, grab an apple or pear to take with you for the road.
  4. Keep healthy snacks with you
    Don’t get stranded! It’s hard to get healthy on the run, so keep nuts, fruit, or other healthy snacks with you.
  5. Think ahead
    Know what you’re going to eat for lunch and dinner. Impulsivity is not your friend when you’re hungry!
  6. Always order a “small”
    Frozen yogurt, coffee, or soup: always order a small. You have to order small to be small.
  7. Don’t eat until you’re “full”
    Eat until you’re satisfied. It takes a while for your brain to know your stomach is full. Eat slowly, and fill up on veggies first. Try putting your fork down between bites and don’t be afraid to leave food on your plate.
  8. One drink, two apps
    At parties, have one drink and two appetizers. Don’t stand next to the food – be social! You should be chatting it up, not gobbling it down. This tip comes from Jen Aniston, who is known for having a single martini while mingling. 
  9. Don’t buy food you can’t resist
    This is a big one! If you know you’ll eat the whole bag at once, don’t bring it home. Portion control is the most important trick to staying thin.
  10. Don’t drink your calories
    Stay away from caloric drinks like juices, energy drinks, milk, soda, and lattes. Drink mostly water, and think of that other stuff as a treat that you have on occasions. 
  11. Stay hydrated
    Make sure you’re drinking eight glasses of water per day! We often mistake our thirst for hunger. 
  12. Move your body every day
    Missing a day of exercise makes it even harder to workout the next day. Even if you just stretch or do fifteen minutes of exercise, it will boost your metabolism and keep your mind ready for your workout the next day. 
  13. Don’t eat after dinner
    Calories give you energy, and you don’t need energy to sleep.
  14. Find healthy alternatives
    Instead of cake, ice cream or whatever your guilty pleasure is, try and find something healthier and less caloric that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Coconut water or chocolate flavored tea is great for this! 
  15. Hide your roommate/boyfriend/husband’s food
    We all have one; someone we spend a LOT of time with who has the opposite diet as we do. Ask them to hide their cheese, bread, chocolate, and anything else you don’t want to see. The bottom drawer in the fridge is great for this. When you get hungry, you’ll often grab the first thing you see, so keep it out of sight.

Originally posted on Cross Train LA

By Dylan Davies

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