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Broke Girls DIY: The Flower Vase

I recently moved into my boyfriend’s apartment and it’s been a process between work and my social life trying to transform the apt from a bachelor’s pad into a couple’s apartment. A few weeks ago, I had the ah-ha moment, when I realized that the “process” was taking FAR too long.

I was having a bad day and my bf brought home flowers. Such a sweet gesture, I know. But when he went to look for a vase.. this is what he came up with.


He’s resourceful, that’s for sure!

I secretly don’t mind the empty Grey Goose bottle, but being out of college and all… it’s not the best look. Not to mention, the fact we didn’t have a simple vase in the apartment made me feel like a bad housewife. ha! So.. I made sure to include a vase on my next shopping list. But instead of buying an expensive one, I felt like this could be a great BGDIY project…

I went to Michael’s craft store and bought a simple glass vase for $5.99 (below), puffy paint (3 for 5.99), self-adhesive fabric butterflies for $3.29, and self-adhesive silver & black  round plastic crystals (3 different sizes) for $3.49. I already had acrylic paint at home, so that was free!

See how naked this plain vase looks? It needed a little spicing up. So I started by painting the bottom white (2-coats). I know white doesn’t exude “spicy,” but once you have flowers… you don’t need a bright colored vase, right?

Once the white paint was dry I stuck the small black crystals along the edge of the paint. This is a great trick because it’s not easy to make a perfect line at the top, so the crystals hide any uneven lines or smudges.

Tip: *The crystals may not stick depending on where you place them, so you can use small dabs of paint as adhesive to get them to stay.


While the crystals finished drying, I started to paint the fabric butterflies I bought. White on white wouldn’t really work, and everyone knows how much I love black & white, so I decided on black. Looking back I wish I painted them a dark grey, but I can always go back and change that or add more butterflies..


 The trick with painting the fabric butterflies is to not put a large amount of paint on your brush, otherwise you’ll have large blobs of black in different places.


Wait until the butterflies dry, and then stick them on.
Tip: You can use the same trick with the crystals and use paint for extra adhesive if they’re not sticking..


I had one extra butterfly left, and decided to stick it on the stem of the vase without painting it which gives the whole vase a little contrast and movement.


Step by step… the bachelor pad is slowly fading away.. sorry babe!

By Lauren Probyn

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