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I am a Feminist and I Like Getting My Hair Pulled

This is a response to Armie Hammer’s embarrassing article in Playboy, where he mentions his reluctancy to pull his feminist-wife’s hair. You can read it here.

“Feminist” has a bad rap and I’d like to change your mind.

I consider myself a feminist. I drink beer. I watch hockey. I’d rather hang out with guys than girls. I write more about male than female protagonists in my scripts (so sue me). I also swear, watch Vince Vaughn comedies, and have (gasp!) watched porn before. I also have a boyfriend whom I consider to be (another gasp!) an “Alpha male”, and he’s spectacular. (I let him drive and navigate, too.) Despite all these things, I STILL want men and women to be treated the same.

As a feminist, all I ask is for women to be able to walk downtown, in a sun dress, without being gawked at or catcalled. All I ask is for us to be seen as businesswomen instead of bitches (although, I secretly love that word). All I ask is for the MAJORITY of this world to look at the male and female gender, side-by-side, and recognize both their strengths and differences, equally.

Guys, just because I’m a feminist doesn’t mean I want cut your dick off. It doesn’t mean I want to get your job and have you lie in the gutter, homeless. It DOES mean I want to work with you, as an equal, and be respected in my position (even if my shaved legs look hot in that pencil skirt). It DOES mean I want to wear whatever I please without a stranger grabbing my ass (certain female body parts need to breathe, just like your balls, but no one seems to be grabbing them in public except yourself). It means I want men, as half the population, to STAND UP FOR THAT GIRL who got raped at a party, instead of saying she deserved it. HAVE OUR BACKS if you want us to love your (hairy) backs in return.

Basically, as a feminist, I want men to chill the fuck out and act like men. Don’t roll your eyes when we want to contribute to a women’s rights fundraiser. Support the shit out of us and how far we’ve come, despite our gender secretly hating any other attractive girl (ladies, this needs to stop). Provide for us, but don’t let your ego deflate if we make more money than you. Just because a woman has a higher income doesn’t mean she will sprout a beard and bench press you. She still wants to take care of you. She still wants to nurture…while decorating her house in Anthropologie and having a baby (yes, one child should be okay…we want to keep our figures so we can still enjoy sex with you!).

As a feminist, we don’t want men to die. We want to be appreciated the same way you would appreciate your male friends and mentors. We want our hair pulled, our butts spanked, and our souls treated considerately. Men, instead of “hating” strong women, smile at them. Take them out to dinner. Feminists know what they want and can contribute an incredible amount to help the male gender discover the secrets of the universe. We’re an ally you want to have. Don’t shun us.

By Nina Elcao

*This post originally appeared on Ohh Hey Nina

6 thoughts on “I am a Feminist and I Like Getting My Hair Pulled

  1. NINA! i read your original post a few months ago and loved it. Feminism IS largely misunderstood, and I also find myself explaining why I have zero issue with a dude being ‘dominant’. Men and women ARE different (spoiler alert?) and feminism doesn’t mean hating men, or wanting to be more like men (the old-school women wearing pants parade has it’s place in history, sure, but we aren’t fighting for the social acceptance of wearing sticky mustaches. SIlver Lake Kids, i will slap every single one of you if I find out I am mistaken). It’s not equality by imitation, I think equality is almost a deceptive word in the first place. It’s just… women are force-fed this mold of what we should be, and when any piece of our personality, our body, our actions- oozes out of said mold, we are ostracized, called bitches, sluts, prudes, asking-for-it, undeserving, crazy, weak, clingy, sober 4’s drunk 7’s. That, to me, is what the feminist movement, now, in 2013, takes issue with. To me it’s about the freedom to be whatever version of woman I am, and if there is something you don’t like, don’t make it about how women collectively shouldn’t do it. Tell me what I did to offend, or deserve, just me, not all women, make it personal. Otherwise, fuck off.

    Okay, hair pulling, lets discuss! While I understand the confusion surrounding a feminist being submissive in the sexual context, i find that silly. I’m a feminist, a motivated (albeit stressed out) workaholic, self-reliant, passionately opinionated, often controlling and a bit bossy, and always challenging social norms. It’s WONDERFUL to have something where I am completely, 100% cool with not being in charge, because I’m off work, dammit. Does that make me weak or inferior? Hell no, it means I know what I like. Sexual dimorphism is AWESOME- I want tall, I want broad shoulders… you ARE physically superior, and I really effing dig that. Cause im a heterosexual woman (though i can genuinely appreciate a beautiful girl when i see one, which in LA, is all the time) i would like to uh, have a MAN right now. Cause I like you, guys! Just stop telling me I’m too emotional and nagging- I’m an brooding artist and yea, you really should brush your teeth EVERY DAY you idiot. okay, now you can pull my hair and tell me to shutup. 🙂

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